Important Players In The Food Supply Chain

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The whole world is running on a supply chain.  All the things that we are consuming and using in our daily lives are possible because of the supply chain.  The need for a reply chain has increased in the last century because of the Rapid increase in Industrialization and manufacturing.  Manufacturing can only be possible with the help of a supply chain and without a strong supply chain or manufacturing business can exist nowadays. Out of all the products, the most important supply chain is still the food supply chain. Any disruption in the food supply chain may directly affect our lives because the first necessity of every human being is food.

The food manufacturers Brisbane have to ensure that their supply chain network should be strong enough to provide them with the right material to manufacture the food items and distribute those food items to their customers. In any food supply chain, here are a few keep players that are important for the completion of the cycle.  If any of these players are missing in the cycle, the supply chain will be affected.

Food manufacturer: The food manufacturer can be served as the most important link in the supply chain.  The role of a food manufacturer is very vast as they have to ensure the sourcing of the raw material.  They also have the machinery and the facility to produce the food items.  After the production of the food items, there will be ensuring to create a network of food distributors that will be distributing their food products in the market.  The role and the responsibility of the food manufacturer are expanded throughout the supply chain because they are responsible for product quality. This is the reason that most of the profit from the product sales will always go to the food manufacturer. They are the creator of the product and its supply chain.


Food distributor:  Every food manufacturer would require a food distributor to ensure their product availability.  The role of the distributor is also critical as no manufacturing can operate without the help of a food distributor.  Usually, the food manufacturers have multiple distributors on board in different cities. For example, if a food distributor wants to sell their products in Melbourne, they will have a food distributor in the same city and they might have a different food distributor in Brisbane. The food distributor ensured the product availability in a certain market and the supply of product to the retailer or customers.


Retailer:  The food manufacturer and the food distributor ensured that the retailer has their product available in their retail outlet.  The retailer can be the last link between the product and the customer. In most cases the food distributors ensured the validity of the product to the retailer but in the case of large retailers, the food manufacturer can also work as the food supplier to them.

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