Products That We Provide

It is a dream of every football fan to cheer his team up in the stadium with the team’s t-shirt on, every football fan who also plays football love to collect different products of the team they support, such as t-shirts, balls, bombers and many more things. Sherrin is a proud brand who has been manufacturing footballs and accessories used by national teams since 133 years, the business started with a middle-class boy named Tom who was dedicated to footballs, he was the founder who made the ball around from the edges so that it bounces easily, the business was handed over to his nephew than his son and then finally sold to Spalding Australia which was further taken up by Russian Corporation, this business is a long term quality manufacturer of footballs and now they also manufacture t-shirts of your favourite teams. Sherrin also manufactures products for Australian Football League professionally, these balls are hand-made and posses the better quality.

Bombers AFL merchandise is the best brand for making footballs in whole Australia this is the reasons why our balls are used in AFL, we have customized footballs that you can buy according to the team you support, we have their logos printed on them.

Moreover, we also have autograph balls that you can buy of your favourite team, this is the best thing a true football fan would ever want, it would be really precious for them to have that ball.

Our footballs vary in sizes, we have a wide variety for every age group because these footballs are often big for short hands and often small for big hands, and this is why we have got categories for every sized ball so that everyone plays without any difficulty. Furthermore, we also manufacture small footballs for children who are underage and cannot play but they always want to have a football because of their passion.

We also have footballs of your team song, now you can learn your team song with the football as well; it has team song printed which gives a true passion and love for the team and the play.

When you get an autographed football, you will try to keep that as an honour, it will be a great privilege for a football fan to have an autographed football, therefore in order to keep it classically, we have Football displays in which you can keep your footballs as a display.

Sherrin is the most leading brand when it comes to football, you have no better choice than us if you are a true football fan, we are always aimed to serve the best to our beloved sport and country. Go and shop from AFL store online if you want to play a real game.