Why You Should Choose Fivestar Glass And Caulking

A perfect architect of glass and caulking is the reference for Fivestar Glass & Caulking. Why you should choose us to have a chance to provide solutions for your problems? We are locally owned glass replacement and caulking company with a really satisfying work and a quality service at a reasonable price. We have a wide range of our services that includes:

Pet doors:

We are the leading pet door installation company in Melbourne. When your pet is super active who always wants to go out while you’re lazy to even open the door for them, pet doors might be a good idea then. We offer a quick service to install custom pet doors and dog doors Melbourne tailored according to the size of your pet in the most efficient way with competitive price.

Shower Screen:

A pleasant atmosphere at the place to clean and fresh up ourselves is necessary. We provide you with a service of installing shower screens in your bathroom with different but good kind of materials and glasses according to your needs.


Certainty of the work is also necessary, we provide caulking for anything. Caulking ensures the stability of the object that is placed so that it doesn’t fall apart or move from the position we want to fit in. We provide really quick and outstanding services for caulking. Our caulking services includes bathrooms, kitchens laundries, powder rooms, ceramic and porcelain tiling, natural and manmade stone, skirting boards, window frames glass and removal and repairing of existing caulking.

Glass replacement and repairing:

Glasses are often broken due to an incident, for a quick repair or replacement, we are here for you. Our expert service provides you glass repairs in Melbourne of any screen in a short and quick time.


While in a world of fully self obsessed people, mirrors be their best friends. On the other hand, mirrors grooms up the look of your room. Our service is here too, we’ll provide you stylish installments of mirrors in your rooms to make your room look even more beautiful at reasonable price.

Splash backs:

Kitchens and bathrooms are the places everyone wants clean.  We provide you with the service of setting splash backs in your kitchens and bathrooms very professionally and efficiently to fulfill your wish for your kitchens to be cleaned and tidy.


In the world of busy schedule, everyone tries to save their time while shopping. There shopfronts are the most useful for them, shopfront leaves a good impact on the people. We give you a service to install shopfronts in your shops in your suitable timings.


It is necessary to install a balustrade on your stairs or balcony, low quality of balustrade later results into destruction of the area. That’s why we provide you the best quality of balustrade installation so that you never have to worry about any sort of incident.

 Fivestar glass and caulking aims to provide you the best service and the best quality of material at your doorsteps at competitive prices, we are always responsive to our customer’s feedbacks.

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