Stainless Steel Labels And Aluminium Labels

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Stainless Steel Labels And Aluminium Labels

Extremely high temperature is withstood by steel cables. Industrial and chemical environment which has very high temperature can use this tags very effectively. Cleaning these tags is never a problem. These have a long life and professional appearance. Being heat and cession resistant makes it perfect for extreme environments, like marine, chemical and industrial environment. Varied shapes and sizes are available which makes them perfect for using on any cable and any area. The tags remain clear for long making it easy to read the texts without any problem.Labels are of great importance in the industries as these are used for mentioning machine rating and other useful information. This information is necessary and needs to be written rather engraved on something that will enable easy reading and long life. Stainless steel and aluminium are two metals which are very popular as cable labels. Industries choose label material depending on the environment of the workplace. Factories and marine workplaces have tough atmosphere to deal with. Many label materials fail to provide proper service in such places. Steel and aluminium are resistant to many of the things that damage other materials. But there are a little differences as well as similarity between the two metals.Aluminium and steel, both are resistant to heat. Industries can easily use cable marking products prepared out of these metals. But when compared, steel is more heat resistant than aluminium. Though both of these metals are corrosion resistant, steel is more preferable than aluminium as it may corrode when oxidized.

Aluminium labels:

Aluminium becomes resistant to abrasion and wear when anodized. Cable tags made of aluminium can be written upon by surface orienting. After anodizing, tags are decorated with dye printing. Dry screen print or print filling is done after etching aluminium. Aluminium is lighter metal when compared to stainless steel. Though it is useful, it is not as strong as steel lags. These are suitable for business cards, fire door rating plates, compliance plates, VIN plates, rulers, serial number tags and machine rating labels. There are also other uses of aluminium tags as these stand string against corrosion.

Stainless steel cable labels:

Corrosion resistant stainless steel withstands staining, abrasion and chemicals. These are easy to clean and have a good appearance. Chromium in stainless steel makes it resistant against corrosion and there are other components, like copper, manganese and nickel iron. This hardy metal is environment friendly as it is recyclable. In extreme conditions, like offshore and mining industries, markings on steel remain clear and easy to read. For longer lasting results and higher quality, methods like chemical etching, screen printing and surface printing is done. Asset tags, instruction panels, award plaques, VIN plates, compliance tags, bar-coded name plates and certification plates are often made of stainless steel.

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