Victoria\\\’s Perfect Electrical Tagging And Testing Services!


Victoria\\\’s Perfect Electrical Tagging And Testing Services!

electrical test and tag Melbourne

We’ve been doing appliance testing and tagging for more than 11 years. Our knowledgeable employees are able to carry out electrical test and tag Melbourne in either location. Keeping OH&S standards in mind, we always prioritize safety when working with live electronics.

Within metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, our team offers electrical appliance testing and tagging services. Our staff strives to ensure the safety of your employees, students, and co-workers at all times.

  1. You can easily compare our test and tag Melbourne value for money to that of our rivals because we offer free estimates with no strings attached.
  2. Everything from labour to labelling is covered by our team. We identify faults with the most recent technology and provide you with a status report on your electrical equipment.
  3. All of our employees have received proper electrical test and tag Melbourne training and qualifications. An electronic asset register and supporting documentation accompany each test to record everything.
  4. We notify you of any required services and send notifications for re-testing requirements.
  5. Testing and tagging for a variety of appliances is our area of expertise. Electrical appliances, single-phase and three-phase, and commercial testing are among our specialties.
  6. Alternatively, you can bring your appliance to us for testing and tagging. We are conveniently close to Melbourne’s metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs.
  7. We give residual-current devices (RCDs) a thorough test to keep your workplace safe from serious accidents.

A full, comprehensive range of high-quality test and tag Melbourne as well as annotating services are offered by Tony’s Test & Tags. To support residences, promotional, industrial, as well as agribusiness establishments, all of our employees are properly competent.

Consistently going beyond in order to protect your company. They operate at a time when there are fewer interruptions. We value your patronage of local businesses and will collaborate with you to meet your needs. We assess your electrical rigging using the most recent technology and equipment to identify problems and provide you with a report on its condition. Every sufficient mechanical arrangement will be put through test and tag Melbourne, and we’ll keep you informed as we go. We make sure that you are following their rules and that one’s trying as well as labelling are done while you are awake.

Experts in testing as well as device naming are consulted by Tony’s Test and Device Labelling Offerings. With the incredible motivating power of money, we transmit results and create successful organisations. Our main goal is to make maintaining security protocols simple for organisations of all sizes. Being a part of the company, we have the specific information needed to handle any task and provide assurance that your electrical test and tag Melbourne has maintained its security.

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